GUILD EVENT- Top In The PK Rankings

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GUILD EVENT- Top In The PK Rankings

Post  Amara on Sat Jan 28, 2012 8:56 am

I have decided to host an event where all members of Volatile compete for what is already being competed for. This is in hopes that our members will be even more involved in pk and trying their best.

When the PK Ranking resets, just try and get as high on the PK ranking as you can!

At the end of Febuary, if Vola members hold the top 3 PK Ranking spots each of them will receive 500 VGN.

If by the end of Febuary the members of Vola hold the top 5 PK rankings then the top 3 will receive the 500 VGN and the others will receive an (undetermined) prize.

More information TBD!


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